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Established: August 27, 2017

Client focus, deep knowledge & unwavering effort

An elevated standard in modern day business counsel. The Avisen way is an uncluttered, pretense-free and reality-based route to solving your challenges. We are a group of professionals who care about one another, learn from one another and consult with one another for you. Curiosity, passion, success, creativity and fun…yes, even fun.

Reach out to any of our seasoned attorneys to discover firsthand what client-first Avisen can do for you.

Wisdom Made Real & Relevant

With 100 years of enlightening experiences, the Avisen attorneys possess a deep and broad collective understanding on a wide range of legal/business situations. Highly regarded, abundant with experiences, and they photograph well.

Areas of Practice

Whether for profit (or not) Avisen can help with all aspects of business law:

Business and Commercial Law

At Avisen Legal, we bring our deep knowledge of business to the table to assist you with just about any aspect relating to business including the laws that govern how to start, buy, manage or sell any type of business.

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Technology and Intellectual Property Law

At Avisen, we work with clients on the creation, protection, licensing and monetization of technology, copyrightable works, and trademarks. We understand the business side of technology deals. We also understand how a strong brand can be critical to creating value. We work across a broad range of technologies, including software, hardware, new chemistry and manufacturing. We can help with something as simple as an NDA and as complex as a technology based joint venture.

Our clients range from software, to hardware to chemistry and more.

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Nonprofit, Benefit Corporations Social Enterprises and Cooperatives

At Avisen Legal, we bring our entire work bench of business and tax tools to attend to the unique issues that affect nonprofit organizations, tax-exempt social enterprises , benefit corporations or B-Corps and cooperatives. We help guide social enterprises with to the ideal structure for a social venture, how to obtain and maintain tax-exempt status, day-to-day operations of nonprofit organizations, and more. We also assist investigations by the attorney general or the Internal Revenue Service.

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Employment Law

At Avisen Legal, we bring a “been there, done that” savvy to workplace issues that goes beyond mere knowledge of statutes, regulations and case law affecting the employment relationship. We understand the human element, as well. In this context, we serve our clients as advisors, negotiators, investigators, advocates and peacemakers on potential and developing workplace issues, and help find proactive and creative solutions to workplace conflict.

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Real Estate Law

At Avisen Legal, P.A. we regularly counsel buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and developers in all aspects of commercial real estate. We have extensive experience with advising office, retail and restaurant tenants. We also have experience in reviewing loan documents on behalf of borrowers including New Market Tax Credit loans.

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Licensed Professionals

At Avisen Legal, P.A. we regularly advise medical, dental, chiropractor, veterinarian, optometry, mental health and other licensed professionals such as dentists regarding practice transitions, practice employment matters, practice real estate matters and general corporate matters related to their practices. We also work with licensed broker-dealers, investment advisors, and financial planners with all phases of practice as well as registration and regulation.

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Estate and Succession Planning

We understand that your business and your family are your legacy. You’ve worked hard to build what you have, and a well thought out plan in place for your estate, including your business, is vital. Our experienced team will work with you to get a full picture of your assets and your wishes, and craft the estate plan that will best protect what matters most to you. We offer comprehensive planning services for individuals, families, and business owners.

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