Legislative Update: The Build Back Better Plan and Its Impact on Green Energy

Legislative Update: The Build Back Better Plan and Its Impact on Green Energy | Avisen Legal

As a proud member of the American Biogas Council (ABC), Avisen Legal attorney Todd Taylor receives exclusive members-only content from ABC. With permission of the ABC we offer this timely and relevant update on the plan’s impact on green energy – with one caveat. As you know, the Build Back Better Plan has some extremely strong and encouraging news for biogas, alternative fuels, energy storage and combined heat and power programs. The caveat? While the bill offers a hopeful glance into what the future of green energy may offer, Senator Joe Manchin has expressed his significant reservations to signing the bill in its current form.

As the ebb and flow of Washington DC politicians vacillate on the deal points of the Plan, we are pleased to provide a summary on how the aspirational goals of the Build Back Better Plan could significantly benefit the green energy industry. Enjoy the read, be hopeful, but know this is not yet a done deal.

What’s In the Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill for Biogas?

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