Piranha Pool (R) 2019 Pitch Event

Piranha Pool (R) 2019 Pitch Event

Sponsored by AngelPolleNation and Avisen Legal, P.A., the Piranha Pool (R) 2019 event is Minnesota’s own annual live take on the TV series “Shark Tank” on Saturday, April 27, 2019, located at Best Buy HQ. During the session, three local tech startup companies will make a 10-minute investment pitch to, and answer 5 minutes of Q&A from, a panel of experienced, local tech investors. The event winner as selected by the panel gets an automatic berth to present to 50+ local investors at the Thursday, June 20 Gopher Angels meeting. Confirmed returning Piranhas are well-known local investors Ed Cannon, Cathy Connett and David Russick.

To apply as a presenting company, please send your investment deck (in widescreen PowerPoint pptx format) for consideration to Jeffrey C. Robbins at Avisen Legal, P.A. — jrobbins@avisenlegal.com.

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