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While President of the Hennepin County Bar Association in 2015 and 2016. Kim blogged regularly with random thoughts about her random thoughts.  These blogs are being “republished” here in the order they appeared during Kim’s bar presidency.  Going forward more Deep (or Random Thoughts) by Kim Lowe may or may not be forthcoming.  It all depends on what thoughts pop into Kim’s head (or under her high school hair) during the course of the day. 


It’s Time to Make the Donuts

Posted By HCBA President Kimberly A. Lowe, Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I tend to hum or mutter to myself as I go through my day: a sort of soundtrack that accompanies me from place to place, an old habit I picked up from my childhood with my sister.  At the same time she was convincing me that Santa was an axe murderer and that a career as a Christmas tree was not exactly desirable, she instilled in me a habit of comparing the business of life to art (or vice versa). Since I try not to take myself too seriously, my brain tends towards various pop culture references that make me laugh as I go through this daily exercise. No Hamlet for me.

As I was heading into my office this morning, well before the skyway opened, I was muttering to myself: “It’s time to make the donuts” in solidarity with Fred the Baker from the Dunkin’ Donuts® commercial.  Fred the Baker’s steadfast dedication to his craft always comes to mind when I am busy practicing law. While Fred the Baker works long hours and he is tired, these commercials were not about the drudgery of hard work. Dunkin’ Donuts’® Fred the Baker celebrates the excellence that results from hard work as well as the joy and pride that comes with said excellence. Throughout a legal career – from law school, to studying for the bar, to the early days of practice through years of providing legal services to clients – there are times when lawyers must work long, hard hours—and these long hours do interfere with life.  That is why law is a profession and not a club sport.

So as I end a long day of work penning this short blog, I push through the dark skyway to my car muttering “I made the donuts.”


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Kimberly Lowe

Kimberly Lowe

For over 20 years I have lawyered from the trenches with experience based on a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises operate. I guide entrepreneurs, executive management teams, boards of directors, multigenerational families, shareholders and investors through all aspects of the business life cycle from formation to operation to exit. Read Kim's Bio.

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